Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

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Diaper Covers by their very nature should be leakproof, but when a leakproof cloth diaper cover is also comfortable for baby and easy to care for, parents sit up and take notice! The Bummis Super Whisper Wrap has a super resistant waterproof laminate laid between two layers of soft polyester knit just like the Super Snap Wraps. The heavy-duty elastic at the thighs and waist are encased in a stretchy, smooth, polyester knit binding making it both soft against baby's skin AND leakproof! The additional built-in gussets give an extra field of protection against even the biggest of baby's messes. Size Weight* Age* Waist Thigh Rise Newborn 7-10 lbs. 0-2 months 8"-14" 3"-7" 12" Small 8-15 lbs. 0-5 months 10"-16" 4"-8" 14" Medium 15-30 lbs. 4-24 months 13"-18" 6"-10" 17" Large 30-40 lbs. 18-36 months 15"-20" 9"-12" 20" *Weight and Age ranges are approximate so please check waist, thigh, and rise sizing as well!